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Professional cosmetics from natural ingredients for all skin types without harmful components.

Esthetics Point

Our company was established by a group of professionals in national logistics and foreign trade with 20 years experience in importation from Korea, Taiwan (R.O.C.) and China and specialists in field of cosmeceutics and distribution of professional skincare products, united by idea of approaching customers individually regardless of business scale.

Setting a task to ensure customers’ stable income while using products of our vendors, we provide outstanding service to partners in all regions of Russia. We work with first class banks, carriers, and insurers to bring customers’ orders in exactly according to specification and in time.

Since the basis of our customers’ business is credence of clients, that entrust health and beauty - their most valuable assets - and expect the predictable result. Therefore we proactively work with leading cosmetics vendors from Korea and Taiwan (R.O.C.), selecting only the best and safe products for affordable price, attentively monitor new cosmeceutical technologies, grasp new trends rapidly and introduce new products to the market.

Our today’s customers are hundreds of cosmetologists and beauty professionals across Russia, who trust us and take in consideration our opinion, taking care of their clients.

In case you are interested to conquer new markets, you are welcome to get in touch with us and we will discuss how to apply our capabilities for promotion of your products in Russia.